le is to identify the best air purifier for allergies and other common complaints.

Benefits Of Air Purifier

IQAir-HealthPro-Plus-air-purifier-review-2The air purifier removes any dust particles and microorganisms in the air. This is helpful for an individual suffering from allergies, asthma, and other health complications. It improves the breathing of the elderly and the children as they breathe in fresh and non-contaminated air. This is helpful for those living with pets too. Pets release their fur into the air, which and lead to breathing problems, especially those with allergies. The air purifiers suck up the fur.

The air purifier removes any toxins and mold from the air. Toxins and the molds can lead to the development of serious respiratory infections. It saves on medical bills that could be used to treat such diseases.

It removes odor and smoke from the air. Bad smell from the toiletry, other aerosols and cigarettes is also removed from the air.

The air purifier removes dust particles that usually form on the furniture and house décor. This helps cut down on the cleaning expenses and time. It also increases the longevity of the house furniture and the décor.

It improves sleep and mood of individuals. A dirty and dusty environment can cause insomnia and bad moods. Air purifiers ensure the air is kept clean giving conducive sleeping time. Your moods will also be brightened.

Important Features

Speed setting. The speed settings allow you to make the purifier works faster or slower. A fast working air purifier is noisy, while a slow one is quiet. You should be able to adjust the settings to your convenience.

Separate programs. Separate programs for the ‘ion shower season’ and ‘pollen season’ change buttons. You can switch on the right button depending on the season.

Easy and clear color display. The air purifier has a color display to show the level of the dust level, humidity, and odor in the room.

Shape and design. This account for space saving. The designs include tower, wall mounted, closed backpack and housed air purifier.

Off timer. Some purifiers have off timers that make them go off after some hours of purification

Effectiveness. The purifier should be effective against odors, molds, dust, and other unhealthy substances.

Technical Aspects To consider

You need to consider the following technical aspects when a buying an air purifier.


• The effectiveness
• Square-Footage Coverage
• Replacement Parts Cost, availability & Maintenance
• Method of Purifying Air
Strong Odor Removal
• Design, Size & Portability
• Costs of operation
• Noise Made by the Fan
Warranty and Guarantee