Understanding the Process of Recruitment

Understanding the Process of Recruitment

Employers may be different but the process they use to recruit their staff members is usually the same. There may be slight differences from one employer to the other but the process is usually the same. Here is a look at the steps involved in recruitment.

Defining the position(s)

This is the very first thing that needs to be done when a vacancy or vacancies arise in your company. It is not enough to know that you need a manager, cleaner or any other professional. It is important to determine what he or she will be doing and what value they will be adding to the company. Come up with a job description with all the duties and responsibilities the position holder will have. This will help define the ideal candidate which is someone who can achieve all the duties and responsibilities.

Advertising and receiving applications

Normally, there are two sources of recruitment that can be used; internal and external. Internal involves advertising within the company with the hope of finding a suitable candidate. This method saves time and money. On the other hand, external sources will require advertising using other platforms other than your company’s notice board. You could opt to use media and press or online platforms such as your website and social media platforms. Either way, the aim is to reach the most suitable candidates who will add value to your team. When advertising, give details about the job, duties and responsibilities and the ideal traits you are looking for in a suitable candidate. Contact details should also be privbided so interested people can send in their applications.

Shortlisting and screening

You will receive many applications and you need to select the best from these. Scan through the CVs send in and choose candidates who qualify for the position. This is known as shortlisting. By the end of this recruitment step, you will be left with a few applications. Inform both shortlisted and those who do not qualify so they do not keep waiting on your response for too long.

Set up the interview

This step is only for shortlisted candidates. Choose a date and inform them of the time and place to come for the interview. This step is very crucial as it gives a face to the great CVs you will have. It is time to meet the candidates and tell if they are what they say on paper and if they are what you are looking for. Engage the candidates on a face to face discussion asking about their skills, past experiences and so on. As you listen to what
they say, be sure to also look at how they present themselves, their dressing and other forms of non-verbal communication. Other than qualifying for the job, the right candidate should be a team player.

Hiring and onboarding the candidate

From the many you interview, there will be one or more who qualify for the job. Choose the very best and give them the offer you have. Ensure that you present the offer well or else the candidate will not accept it. Once the offer is accepted and the paperwork finished, it is time for onboarding. Show the new employee around and let him or her introduce them to the new colleagues. Show them their workstation and look for a person to help them for the first few days. This will make his or her transition fast and easy.

There you have it, the recruitment process that you are likely to find in any company. There may be some variations but the basics are the five steps explained above.